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    Metal Detector

    Metal detector is ideal for detecting metal on frisking object and used as security measures against the entrance of people with dangerous weapons in public places, they use the principle of electromagnetic induction to detect metallic objects. The detection of the metallic object is notified with an alarm to the security personnel.
    In many public places where high security is required there, we use the metal detectors, the first priority is given to Airport, the security personnel checks physically with the metal detector if the foreign bodies found then the system alerts with an alarm.
    The similar process for all public places like malls, hospitals, schools, colleges and railway stations; these are places where all types of people meet often so safety measures are mandatory for these places.
    Apart from security purpose, they are also used in the medical field, the detection of metal objects in human bodies is more efficient with metal detector rather than the X-ray machines. For example, if a person had undergone surgery and a metallic piece is placed in his body can be easily located where it is placed without going under any radiations.
    The hand held metal detectors are radiation free, lightweight, portable, economically beneficial and more convenient and also proved to be less intuitive.
    Automation zone provides the hand held metal detector and also walk through metal detector with the latest improving technology and also an expert counsel about all the features.

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