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    Security guard patrols are very important and necessary. In fields where security patrols are an important part of the operations such as mining, industrial manufacturing, telecommunications, and security services for residential housing. The personnel assigned to this must task complete their duties on time and at the correct locations. Traditional Patrol ManagementTraditional patrol management methods rely on the self-monitoring of patrol personnel, meaning that it often becomes very difficult to verify job performance precisely, making it possible for management to only perform approximate work-quality evaluations.

    Benefits of Guard Tour System :

    The guard tour system can be divided into:

    Online guard tour system:

    This mode guard tour system main realized by installing the patrol reader at the patrol site, and connecting them to the computer via RS485, actually, it’s a one-type of time recorder with the internet. Perform integrated wiring within a certain range, and set the patrol device at a certain patrol inspection point. Security guards only need to carry a staff ID card and walk along with the scheduled route, at the same time, the supervisor can check the check-in time in real-time at the central server room.

    Offline security guard checkpoint monitoring:

    With this mode, no need for wiring, just fix some RFID checkpoint into the patrol route, it works with RFID technology, the security guard carries a handheld patrol reader and arrives at each patrol site and scans them. A handheld patrol reader will record the scanning time and card information. Once the whole route is finished, connect the handheld patrol reader to the computer, this can check all check-in records and generate reports automatically by the software.

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