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Grandstream PABX System Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE

SIP Intercom Speaker/Microphone
High-fidelity 8W speaker, 3 directional mics, advanced acoustic echo cancellation, Bluetooth, dual-band WiFi, 1x 10/100 MBps ports, PoE/PoE+, 2-pin multi-purpose input, Full-band and wideband codec support
1-Way Public Address SIP Speaker
High-fidelity 8W speaker, Bluetooth, dualband WiFi, 1x 10/100 MBps ports, PoE/PoE+,
Full-band and wide-band codec support
Multi-WAN Gigabit Router
7 Gigabit ports (2 WAN, 5 LAN), Hardware accelerated VPNs, Embedded controller,10 GBps, load balancing, & failover, firewall
GXW4500 Series
Digital VoIP Gateways
1/2/4 E1/T1/J1 spans, supports 30,60, or 120 concurrent calls, Gigabit network port, TLS and SRTP security encryption

NEC SL2100-3 PABX System Dubai

> Wide range of Choices – choose from IP or digital, 12 to 24 keys or selflabelling, or IP DECT cordless handsets
> Customizable function keys – can be adapted to the exact individual requirements of your business
> User-friendly interface – little or no staff training required
> Wireless headset adapter – allows easy connection to wireless headsets
> Directories – Personal, system and corporate directories available



The UNIVERGE® SV9100 Communications Server is a robust, feature-rich and scalable system that is ideal for small and medium businesses. It is designed to help solve today’s communications challenges and offers the ability to expand as your business grows in the future.

The SV9100 offers:
> Multi-carrier SIP support – Offers greater resilience and provides more cost effective routing of calls
> VoIP and Traditional Voice Support – Deploy a pure IP solution or any combination of IP and traditional circuit-switched technology with a single SV9100 system
> Application Integration – Embedded applications are easily accessed through simple license activation
> Scalability – As a business’s communication needs grow with the company
> Stackable Architecture – The SV9100’s rack stackable chassis supports server functions, media gateways and media converters through a single unit


Panasonic PABX Abu Dhabi


Yeastar IP PABX System Dubai

Another breakthrough from Yeastar, the new S-Series raises the price performance bar and sets new standards. Yeastar has always meant quality, reliability, innovation and value, now we have just got better! Designed with the small and medium sized enterprises in mind, supporting up to 500 users and built using the very latest technology, the Yeastar S-Series delivers exceptional costsavings, and productivity and efficiency improvements to small and medium sized businesses, delivering power, performance, quality and peace of mind.

Completely redefined, Yeastar S-Series is powered by the latest processor technology, with industrial grade Freescale A9 Quad Core CPU chipset and Texas Instruments DSP voice processors. The all new S-Series is designed for the needs of today, and with the Yeastar unique modular design future proofs your investment choice. With the latest software upgrade to Asterisk 13 which is packed with new features, the Yeastar S-Series delivers greater productivity improvements for your business, and with no ongoing software subscription costs, ever. All this is backed up by the industry leading warranty policy; Yeastar S-Series delivers peace of mind.

Call Recording
All models of Yeastar S-Series support Automatic Call Recording to monitor the conversation for various purposes required by your business. All the
recordings can be inquired, replayed, and managed by administrator or by permitted individuals on the Web GUI.

SIP Forking
Yeastar S-Series is able to support SIP forking feature and register one extension number to multiple SIP endpoints. With SIP forking, your desk
phone ring and mobile softphone can ring at the same time, and you will be able to take calls from either device.

Never miss a returned call! The AutoCLIP feature will store information about outgoing calls in the AutoCLIP list and match a returned call with the original caller. In other words, when a person calls back, the call will be routed to the original extension automatically if you enable AutoCLIP feature. Free the front desk from the hassles of constantly asking who called who question.

Event Center
17 kinds of events are recorded in Event Center. When abnormalities like SIP trunk registration failure, user login failure, network attack, and system
overload occur, administrator will be notified by Email, phone call or SMS.

Visual Status Monitor
Yeastar S-Series provides real-time graphical monitoring for PBX status like extensions, trunks, concurrent calls, and resources usage like CPU, memory, and Ethernet rate.