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Tansoc Smart Technology Co., Ltd is one of the trusted leaders in products, services and solutions related to Asset Tracking,Attendance Taking,Environment Monitoring,Acesscontrol and Warehouse Management etc.Product fields covering Smart card, RFID Tag, UHF Tag. Active in smart industry since 2007,Tansoc Technologies continuously develops and innovates passive RFID manufacturing technologies on Smart card,RFID Tag UHF Tag. He is recognized by leading technology,robust quality,professional service,as well as the competitive price.
Company profile reference:
Factory platform: Covers an area of 12000 square meters,over 300 employees with positive production capacity.
Strong technical support: Professional Team with extensive knowledge and experince ,dedicated into technicial research. They are skilled in special items development as per client’s application ,such as UHF special tag.
Equipment support: Advanced equipments for whole production chains.
Quality control: Quality evaluation checked at each chain to ensure each customers’ purchasing confidence in performance,value and service. We passed ISO9001, and our products have CE, ROHS certificate.
Professional service: The good teamwork makes our response always rapid and in time.
Cooperated projects: Our goverments ID solutions provides goverments worldwide,involved in city bus payment solution,telecom,and other significant events.

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