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We Telture Solutions, provide wide range of computer telephony solutions with the motive of upgrading the quality of an organisation. We deal with the latest cuttingedge technologies that are the near future essentials of every organisation. With our product range and services, we aim for complete customer satisfaction by fulfilling your specific requirements. Our offered products are of high and top grade quality

    Featured Products :-

  • Voice Loggers
  • Call Center Solutions
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Gateways
  • Call Accounting Software
  • Telephony Cards
    Why Telture Solutions?

  • Wide range of proven solutions
  • Extensive experience and technical knowledge
  • Timely response to any issue
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Customer centric approach to achieve organisational goals


Voice Loggers

  • Enhance quality of services
  • Review employee performance
  • Effective dispute resolution
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Employee training and monitoring
  • Review forgotten or missed details
  • Keep audio data for security or proof

Call Center Solutions

  • Manage calls efficiently
  • Enhance service quality
  • Reduce call costs
  • Improve agent productivity
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce call abandonment
  • Improve call quality

Interactive Voice Response

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Increase professionalism
  • Enhance service efficiency
  • Upgrade customer satisfaction
  • Easily handle high call volumes


  • Assures flexibility for your network as it can translate information from computers with different systems
  • Economic solution for quickly connecting to IP lines
  • Effectively handles the network traffic situations
  • Establishes healthy connection between internal and external network

Call Accounting Software

  • Helps in creating effective telecom budget
  • Analysis helps to reduce call cost
  • Eliminate misuse and detect unused phones
  • Reconcile bills with invoices/statements
  • Improves productivity at workplace

Telephony Cards

  • Highly scalable
  • Easily integrates with current infrastructure
  • Supports call center solutions
  • Efficient and cost effective
  • Improves customer service and productivity

Effectively manage the telecommunication investment by reviewing the billed reports generated from the Xtend Call Billing System. The accounting application is capable to create a single consolidated view of complete incoming/outgoing calls handled by PBX/legacy systems thus extending the convenience of analysing the utilisation of voice and data services across an organisation.

Integrated with robust telecommunication tariff, traffic and cost management and feature-rich voice logging capabilities, the Call Billing System shows the full-fledged report of all incoming, outgoing, local, long distance and international calls routed through the telecommunication system. Detailed SMDR information with trunk/extension number, caller/called number, date and time of call, call type, duration with cost of each call and much more are available to facilitate the account management process.

Continuous evaluation ensures operational efficiency, efficient telecom utilisation and sustained profitability in an organisation. implement to manage the telecom expenditure efficiently across an enterprise anywhere anytime with features experienced never before. The call billing software is bundled with a single port voice recorder that allows the user to monitor live and listen to recordings of a particular channel. The solution can be expanded to support call recording for multiple number of ports as per the organisational requirement.

    Business Advantages

  • Reduce call volume and telecom budget
  • Eliminate use of unused phones
  • Results in fewer personal calls
  • Reconcile bills with invoices/statements
  • Prevent telephone abuse and misuse
  • Optimise local, national and long distance calls
  • Monitor unauthorised telephone usage
  • Improves productivity at workplace


Billing Features

  • Local/STD/ISD and Inter/Intl-a office call reports
  • Total expense reports with consumption analysis
  • View extensions handling maximum number of calls
  • Automatically send reports via e-mail
  • Extension management with export to Excel/PDF/CSV
  • Extensive options to search, filter and retrieve
  • Statistical presentation to check operational efficiency
  • Facility to mark off-peak week days/holidays
  • Account Code based detailed reports
  • Call billing report conversion to PDF/CSV format
  • Trunk/Extension/Account Code/Plan-based reports
  • Peak hour search report based on extensions
  • Centralised call billing management and reporting

Xtend Call Center Solutions is a powerful and advanced computer telephony integrated software solution designed to automate the inbound and outbound calls in an organization. The cost-effective communication toolkit manages the call center peak loads through efficient call handling, Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS), Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Campaign Management, Voice Recording, Conferencing and much more.

The product provides large scale, complete and integrated set of options for multiple call handling through different incoming channels and can also be utilized as a powerful telemarketing tool to promote various programs, advertisements, offers and value added services to customers with reduced cost and time. Implementation of theautomated telephony application leverages the contact center capabilities and thereby enhances customer satisfaction resulting in increased revenue opportunities


  • Web-based administration interface
  • IVR & automatic call distribution
  • Call routing, queuing status & auto-callback
  • Real-time agent status with live monitoring
  • Monitoring of call traffic/answered/abandoned calls
  • Average handling times, occupancy, service history
  • Proportional routing of incoming calls
  • Agent login from any system
  • Queue position, voice mail & call recording
  • Easy login access with agent session reports
  • Multi-line operational mode
  • Advanced call reports with export to CSV format
  • Extensive call search options for retrieving information
  • Integration with existing CRM applications
  • Auto-dialer with multiple campaign management
  • Robust contact filtering with DND management
  • Full-fledged campaign activity reports
  • Add, edit and set priority for each process
  • Upload data in CSV/XLS Format
  • Popup screen for client information & CRM updation

Xtend IVR is a Rapid Application Development toolkit for implementing Interactive Voice Response Systems quickly and easily. Any Computerised Telephony Integration solution can be implemented with reduced cost, time and complexity using our toolkit. Possible application areas include:

  • Banking
  • Price and stock enquiry
  • Payment reminder systems
  • Package and delivery tracking
  • Employee benefit
  • Complaint booking
  • Voice mail
  • All telephone enquiry solutions

Xtend IVR is the only toolkit in the market with extensive support for multiple voice devices. Supported devices include all VoIP, Digital (E1/T1)
and Analog devices from Dialogic (Diva Server), Dialogic (Global Call API), Pika (HMP & DSP), Ocha, Synway, Donjin, NMS, Ai-Logix, Sangoma and
Telephony API. Please check our website for an updated list of all supported voice devices. Xtend IVR includes support for open interfaces like
Telephony API (TAPI), Speech API (SAPI), ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) and Open Database Connectivity (ODBC). Xtend IVR works right from a single port voice device to a 4000+ port T1/E1 solution with no changes in code. This means that an IVR can be developed for a single port implementation and can then be extended to a 4000+ port IVR system without the need to make any source code changes.

The power of Xtend IVR resides in its scripting language which is simple to learn, flexible and easy to code. Complex telephony operations like call
transfer, speech recognition etc. can be coded in just a couple of lines of script. The scripting language includes the ability to call functions written in Vbscript, Javascript and Perlscript (Windows Scripting Host), functions written in Java, C++, C# or VB.Net (.Net Framework). Xtend IVR includes a graphical development environment that will enable you to create and implement an IVR solution in a flow-chart like manner by dragging and dropping functional blocks and connecting them together to indicate the call flow.

The user interface of Xtend IVR can be completely customised. This includes the ‘About’ box, Window Caption and the ability to call your own executable from the user interface. Besides this, a tamper free client installation can be ensured by compiling and distributing the compiled script. Xtend IVR supports advanced features like background play, real-time voice snooping/mixing and voice logging capability that enables one to provide superior voice solutions with minimal effort. The Developer Edition of Xtend IVR is available for free download and contains comprehensive help, a
single port runtime, debugging and emulation technology to enable an IVR to be developed using any multimedia system and does not have any time or
feature restrictions.


  • Built-in scripting language
  • Comprehensive database support
  • Extensive language integration
  • Exhaustive examples
  • Scalability and multi-port capability
  • Text-to-speech and speech recognition
  • Multi-language prompts
  • Background playback
  • Real-time voice streams
  • Background threads
  • Support for fax
  • Call conferencing
  • Run-time customisation
  • Script compiler

Xtend Voice Logger
Supervise, record, monitor and review all incoming/outgoing telephone calls in your organisation.

  • Scalable Enterprise-level Architecture
  • Secure Administration Controls
  • Sophisticated Real-time Monitoring
  • Seamless PBX Platform Integration

Built for every organisation with a focus on usability, functionality and quality, the Xtend Voice Logger portfolio includes an impressive array of call recording features for use in enterprise applications. Deploy to enhance customer satisfaction and derive significant organisational benefits including

  • Quality Control
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Compliance Management
  • Service Productivity


Applicable Sectors

  • Finance Institutions
  • Business Enterprises
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Health Sectors

Innovative Range of Solutions

  • Analog
  • Digital Trunk
  • Audio Lines
  • Digital Extension
  • VoIP Lines
  • Lawful Interception


  • Enhance Customer Service
  • Improve Service Quality
  • Amicable Dispute Resolution
  • Misuse Identification and Prevention
  • Ensure Policy Compliance
  • Low Implementation Costs

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