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Solar Wireless Camers is an outdoor surveillance camera without power connection,no wiring, simple installation and ready-to-use DIY fast installation. Solar power,solar energy low consumption for long work, no power requirement and consumption, no polution and clean,energy save,environment protection.

  • No electricity required:Solar and battery powered
  • No wiring needed:No need to thread wall, chisel a hole or destroy decoration;
  • Supported Off-line operations :Be monitored without networking
  • Remote viewing: WIFI network can be viewed remotely
  • Human induction:Take photos immediately upon inducing people
  • Privacy Protection: Local storage, no leaks
  • Induction street lamp:Sensing people at night,the lights will be automatically activated
  • Simple installation: self installation, no need to invite professional construction staff


  • Easy to share
  • Multiple users supported
  • Status icon of App
  • Alert message pushing
  • Loop recording
  • Record without WiFi
  • Built-in AP hotspot
  • Record and playback
  • Cloud storage supported
  • PIR Motion detection
  • Solar charging
  • Two way audio