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Voice Evacuation System

The EN 54 Fire detection and fire alarm systems is a mandatory standard of European Union market that specifies requirements and laboratory test for every component of fire detection and fire alarm system. The requirements related with voice evacuation system includes EN54-4 (Power supply equipment), EN 54-16 (Voice alarm control and indicating equipment) and EN 54-24 (Voice alarm loudspeakers). In order to meet the market requirements, DSPPA has launched the PAVA6000 voice evacuation system into the market.


8 Zones 500W Voice Evacuation System Amplifier

  • 8 zones speaker output(could be extended up to 1000 zones)
  • Built in 500W digital amplifier
  • One button alarm, built in EVAC message & Chime
  • 8 Zones speaker output with individual volume control
  • Support remote Mic zones or group paging
  • DC battery backup monitoring
  • Real time monitor with EMC microphone for emergency situation avacuation
  • 8 dry contact trigger input/output, DC24V override output
  • Support 100V Speaker AB line outputs with impedance supervision

8 Zones 500W Voice Evacuation System Extender Amplifier

  • Built-in 500W digital amplifier
  • 8 zones speaker output with individual management
  • Auto detection for system failure, AC/DC, paging Mic, etc.
  • Zones extendable by another extender amplifier
  • Support remote control via computer
  • Comply with EN54-16 requirements

16 Zones Remote Paging Station

  • Remote paging mic of PAVA8500
  • Each microphone has 16 zones capacity
  • Zones extendable by extender Mic PAVA8008E
  • System indicators of AC/DC, fault, Mic, etc.
  • Comply with EN54-16 requirements

Fireman Microphone

  • Wall mounted structure, conform to the EN standard
  • Programmable for the buttons
  • Microphone real-time monitoring
  • Support paging priority setting
  • Support AC220V/POE power supply
  • Long distance transmission(Dante technology)

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