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Top Moving PoC Radios In UAE

09 November 2021

The Push-to-Talk over Cellular (POC) provides instant nationwide group calls, command, and dispatch services leveraging existing 3G, 4G cellular, and WLAN networks without the support of the traditional radio spectrum. PoC radio system is the two-way radio for interaction that favors the users in the distance restriction of conventional devices. In addition to that, workers can make either one-to-one or one-to-many calls. PoC is known for massive coverage, loud audio, and emergency function. Now, let’s look into the top moving PoC Radios from Kirisun UniPTT PoC solution. This radio communication system is based on (3G/4G) mobile networks and Wi-Fi. It provides highly efficient and reliable critical communication with dispatch features for enterprises, institutions, utilities, transportation, logistics, hotels, malls, industrial parks, factories, air/seaports, etc.

Kirisun UniPTT PoC solution provides a stand above two-way radio user experience with its reliable infrastructure system, rich in features with stylish and rugged design terminals. It features the Press2Talk App, which is ideal for commercial industries. Professional PTT service, easy to use, support individual call/group call/all call/call alert/short message/alert tone, GPS based dispatching, online voice recording, Google Map, iOS, and Android are the critical features of Press2Talk App.

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