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Open the Back Cover by releasing the Latch. Remove the 2 plastic Cell Containers and insert 8 nos. UM-2 Cells with correct polarity as indicated on the CelI Containers. Then place the Cel Containers in the cell compartment maintaining correct polarity as shown on the inside wall of the compartment. Carefully close the Back Cover and lock the Latch. To activate the megaphone, press the Trigger Switch on the Grip. When using the megaphone, place your lips as dlose as possible to the Microphone. Adjust the Volume Control to the desired level without causing any howling or feedback.


  • Power Output : 16W Rated/20W Max
  • Voice Range : Approx.400m (Siren 500m)
  • Power Source : 12V DC, 8xUM-2 Cells/ Car Battery
  • Battery Life : Around 15 Hrs.
  • Microphone : Undirectional
  • Dimensions : Horn dia 220mm, Length 370mm
  • Weight : 1.7kg (without cells)

Megaphone for handheld or shoulder·slung use (strap supplied). Detachable anti-how/ microphone on coiled lead with on-off switch and volume control. Metal and ABS construction.

    Operating instructions

  • When carrying the megaphone on the shoulder, press the (1) pressto-talk power on-off switch, on the left side of the microphone.
  • When holding the megaphone at the grip, fix the microphone hanger inlet in the microphone fixing hanger, then press the (2) press-to-talk power on-off switch back with your index finger.
  • Position the speaker opening mouth towards the object, and speak through the microphone mouthpiece. Bring the microphone mouthpiece close to your lips and speak normally.
  • Turn the sound volume control, on the right hand side of the microphone and adjust the sound level to max without causing howling.


  • Projection Range : 1200 Yards
  • Modes : Talk And Siren
  • For Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Variable Volume Control
  • Ergonomic Grip W/ Lightweight Chasis
  • Power : 50 Watts
  • Built-in SD & USB Flash Memory Card Readers
  • Powered by : 8XC Batteries, Not Included
  • Dimensions : Diameter 9.44” X Length 13.77”
  • Weight : 3.5 lbs.
  • Lithium Rechargeable Battery – Lasts up to 16 hours
  • Plug in MP3 Players or External Devices to the 3.5mm Aux-In Jack